About the SUDAS’s series

SUDAS is an in-development Hellish Vision series Im illustrating for the next VETE al DIABLO book next 2015.

During 2014 I was sharing this work in progress in different exhibitions in Buenos Aires (Bs As Book Art Fair, at ABRA galería -Tandil- and Club Albarellos -Tigre-), Madrid (Nomada Market and ANTI café), Barcelona (FatBottomBook and StudioStore) and at TREMOR festival in São Miguel, Azores Islands.

The last presentation was in November, in São Paulo. A group exhibition called “Compulsão Narrativa” at SESC Vila Mariana, where I made a mural illustration with 3 condemned characters from the new series.

From November 7th (2014) to February 22nd (2015) at SESC Vila Mariana.

Mural details

2014®. Pencil illustration on a wooden panel. 3 characters, 2 meters by 1,5 meter.
+ 2 Acrylic Hellish Viewer 15x20cm.

Each work title
“Jorge” (bass player)
“Gabriela” (the queen)
“Juan carlos” (police man)

Backstage and Touring around SP

en São Paulo, Brasil.

Exhibition Opening

At SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil.

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