A paranoid character is from ever running away and he is trying to protect his acts of consumption.

A 9 minutes video loop, with me as a performer. This piece was produced in my residence time at the production and exhibition center Meduse in Quebec City. I was selected by La Bande Video Gallery to do a new exhibiton, half pre-produced and the other half to be build there.

The first half was the conclusion of my Tell me something Valuable, a Hellish Vision project.
I developed new illustrations and animation with the optical and conceptual FX.

The second half is “STRESS LEVEL SAURUS”, the installation video wall loop. Together with this video i did an small zine with the same name.

The video was shown at the gallery in Quebec for about 2 months in my solo show.
The 2nd time I performed this video material as a VJ set in the Buenos Aires Modern Art Musem.
Another great exhibition of this piece was at the Sobrino-Bruno art clinic retrospective, in Buenos Aires. Because some of the movements I perform on the video were part of and investigation I did in that art clinic a couple of years ago.

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