“PESSTO” / “Attack Moussaillon” by RAMZi

This work is a VJ set I start developed in 2019 with many different presentations and shows at museums, festivals and galleries. Its about power, desire and consumption.
The lenght it can be 3 mins aprox if share monochannel edit version. The live set can be from 40 to 70 mins.
The project has excerpt in the shape of music clip for the artist RAMZi (Montreal, Canadá), after we collaborate in a live show at Mutek Buenos Aires festival. I play the set ive with the argentinian musician Axel Krygier.


. Modern Art Museum Buenos Aires / MAMBA
. Bienal de Arte Joven CCRecoleta
. Mutek Buenos Aires
. Casa Plana, São Paulo, Brasil
. CC Morán
. FIFA festival, Montreal, Canadá
. Behind the screen. Vitoria, Brasil

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