Why do zoos exist? Can they currently be justified in terms of science or entertainment? And what to do with wild animals, endangered and kept in captivity? This diptych videozine collects and interferes with images of caged animals to show the solitude and abandonment of this institution, whose pertinence is also discussed by zoo keepers. Between the images appear intertitles similar to those of silent movies, a suggestion that zoos are already, to some extent, part of the past.

Project timeline

This video started as an essay I filmed on a one-day residence at a former zoo at La Plata, a city close to Buenos Aires. I was invited by curator Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffa.
On 2018/19 I applied with a video-zine result of that day, to some festivals and exhibitions.
On 2019/20 NOO was exhibited as video-zine installation and a printed zine performance at VIDEOBRASIL Bienal, in São Paulo Brazil.
During 2020, the one-day residence, “Biological project”,  was re-released compiling the works made during that and other days, in relation with the lockdown and pandemia days we re leaving.

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