Vete al Diablo / Go to Hell

5 min, video monocanal.
Music by Pablo De Caro

This video is the first work I developed in a residence program I won at Videobrasil Festival with my work “Weekend”. I expended 3 months at FAAP university residence building at the center of Sao Paulo city.

“Vete al Diablo” video was the kick for my on going illustration project since 2009. You can check it in my portfolio sorting works by “Hellish Vision” category.

“Condemnation and self-condemnation are common within the human being. Different moral and religious values determine our thoughts and decisions. Those who sin or make mistakes in life are ready to go to hell. There are people who think they have the power to take you there.”

Higlights Screenings

Kurs Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany.
Magmart videoart Festival, Ostuny, Italy.
Festival Emergente, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
Arteba 2010, Buenos Aires.
This is Not a Gallery, Buenos Aires.

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