Projection, cardboard box, photography, and concrete debris.

Scenes of a supposed event invite the viewer to rearticulate the fragments of a story, as if examining a crime scene. Here, the work research on cinematic narratives takes on a whole new dimension, expanded into space..


Animation, illustration and design by Federico Lamas
Original music by Pablo De caro a.k.a. Dear Carlo

Highlight Presentations

.First set up at La Fabrica, Buenos Aires. Together with Mónica Heller, we did an exhibition called BRUTAL, sharing new works from us, “Sandra” and “Polaris”. Both works includes the same soundtrack by Pablo De Caro.

.The second set up was in 17th Videobrasil Festival as part of the international competition at SESC Belenzinho, in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Opening at La Fabrica

Buenos Aires

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