AAMNBA Amigo Joven VJ set

at ArteEspacio, Buenos Aires
The video below is an excerpt of the VJ set I did, edited with the song “Motel Shangai” by Pablo Malaurie from his album “La Novela”.

The VJ set was playing live with a Spotify playlist I did. You can find the playlist here.

I created animations of famous paintings from Argentinian National Museum : Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. It was a work commissioned by Asociación de Amigos del Museo Nacional Bellas Artes.
I work with paintings by : Cándido López (and his Triple Alianza war paintings), Eduardo Sívori (“El despertar de la criada” among others and his own selfportrait), Angel Della Valle (“La vuelta del malón”) and Ernesto De La Cárcova (“Sin pan y sin trabajo”).

The idea was to not break the paints material, and to recreate the still moment they represent.
As I did in my other VJ set DEX PIONASH , I used different situations and body gestures from different characters and I used as several frames of the same character. Like in Cándido López paintings, i took different soldiers to build one animated soldier. In Sivori painting the twist is to put and take the clothe off. Cause the controversy at the time the painting was made, it was that you never see a maid naked before, so you re kind of undressing here. In the last painting, “Sin Pan y Sin Trabajo”, i decided to give dimensions and drama to the bodies and the objects in the paint. So we can navigate the space and the air in between the room.

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