Censorship Universal Language Organization

This piece was first a VJ set from 2012 to 2013, and then became the minimalistic office of this fake censorship agency.

From 18th Videobrasil program:
“The artificial eroticism of pornography reveals a comic perspective, which the Argentinean Federico Lamas explores in Censorship Universal Language Organization. In his C.U.L.O., censored images of genitals in 1960s TV soap operates are at once an absence (of the naturalness of desire) and a presence (of socially engendered castration).”


“Federico Lamas cuenta de su instalación, C.U.L.O. (Censorship Universal Language Organization): “Tiene que ver con los sets de VJ. Yo ya venía experimentando en fiestas, en donde animo imágenes escaneadas de fotonovelas porno de finales de los 60. Por otro lado, también es hijo de una investigación en la que desarrollaba cómo infiltrar medios de comunicación masivos. Me pregunto cómo el sexo accionado desde la mujer es pornografía, y desde el hombre no; o cómo se cree que censurando una penetración o un genital, se elimina el sentido de la imagen”.”

De la nota de Videobrasil en la Revista Ñ en el Diario Clarin. Por Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffla LINK

The boundaries of what is tolerable is the main subject of this statement from Federico Lamas, who first featured in the Festival in 2005. In the 2013 edition, the Argentinean artist presents C.U.L.O (Censorship Universal Language Organization), and reveals his investigations on censorship – disguised in various ways in our culture – which he has conducted since undertaking a residence in Bolivia. Questioning the mechanisms for covering up anything sexual, their efficacy and functioning, Lamas highlights pornography’s exhaustion from overexposure. According to him, all that the genre’s interdiction devices do is render the relationship with sex more asfixiating and regulated, by multiplying clichés regarding sexual practices. He also discusses the importance of Videobrasil to his career, both in his professionalization as artist and in encouraging experimentation.

This the seventh episode of the series Videobrasil na TV, the focus is on the contemporary imaginary, analyzing how the intense mediatization of everyday life affects the formalization of artistic works. In this program, broadcast on 30.12, artists in the 18th Festival spoke about strategy, appropriation and resignifying media elements, rethinking our subjectivization processes based on dialogue with mass communication media and social networks.

This episode included and interview an images about my work C.U.L.O (from minute 7:00), and also abouth the following amazing artists: Michel Zózimo, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Ezra Wube, Roy Dib, Olivia Mcgilchrist, Rafael Carneiro, Tiago Romagnani Silveira, Zafer Topaloglu, Vijai Patchineelam and Tiecoura n’Daou..

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