A vernissagge by COMEN group (Alan Berry Rhys, Peet Pienar and Federico Lamas)

Together with Alan and Peet we create an early new eves party at La Fabrica de Tacos Buenos Aires. In our CABEZA (head in Spanish), we had Bull’s piñatas, live silkscreen prints, DJ and VJ set, and 3 special taco-dishes.

Below you can watch a sample of the VJ/DJ set I did that night. The VJ has kind of sequel of my on-going VJset DEX PIONASH. This time the real and tragic love triangle: Frida, Rivera and Trosky. The song I used for he VJ compilation is “Cumbia Flavor” by the amazing mexican band “Afrodita”.


Vernissagge de fin de año en La Fabrica del Taco Cañitas.
Alan Berry Rhys + Peet Pienaar + Federico Lamas

Taco “Moflete” (cheek meat + chutney)
Taco “African Rocket GMS” (Growling Mad Scientists) (brain meat + coco + chutney + banana)
Taco “Mal Hablado” ( spicy tongue meat + spicy sauce)

+ Serigrafía en vivo
+ PIÑATAS “La venganza del Torou” (Bull’s revenge)

Vernissagge Full Album

at Fabrica del Taco, Bs As

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