C.E.T.C. trailers

Video trailers I did (direction,camera, edition,and postproduction) for Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón at Buenos Aires. Documental-trailer teasing theater and opera plays with rehearsals, interviews and icon images from the shows.

The first one is for “Hércules en el Mato Grosso”. Based on the expedition of Barón Langsdorff and Hércules Florence on 1825. Its an ópera by Esteban Insinger, Pola Oloixarac and Luna Paiva.
The second one, is “Trust” from german writer Falk Richter and directed by Pablo Maritano.
The 3rd trailer release will be “Inteligencia Artificial” by Miguel Galperín.


Dirección y Post: Federico Lamas
Sonido directo: Andrés Polonsky
Producción: Matias Oks y Flavio Affonso / Maña Industries

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